Strategic placements admissions counseling


Strategic Student Placement offers a wide range of services from a list of comprehensive packages to customized individualized packages that best fit the needs of our clients. Our services are designed to assist students in selecting the most appropriate degree, course, or qualification for their career aspirations.


Admission Formalities

We are education consultants committed to helping students and families through the rigorous application and admissions process.

Our job is to simplify this process for you in every aspect possible.

In order to ensure that a student’s aspirations can be translated into a reality, we work with students in understanding their strengths, capabilities and competencies.

One-on-one counseling is essential for this process, in conjunction with psychometric assessments

These key aspects lay the foundation for a personalized educational pathway by mind mapping data and ideas to create an action plan with clear objectives, milestones, and anticipated obstacles.

In addition, we review and assess the student's background, prior results and reports, and language proficiency to ascertain potential areas of concern. We work with all grade types. Here at strategic placement we believe every student has his or her own way of learning and gaining knowledge our job is to make this apparent in the most suitable way for you. This also creates a clear vision of the school that best fits your needs. When all relevant data and reports have been consolidated, the student and their family will not be in doubt as to what career options are possible and feasible to pursue.


Country And University Selection

Study in the college you want!


Once a clear educational path has been identified, and a course has been selected, we will provide expert assistance in selecting the educational institution and country, which is most suitable to meet the student's career aspirations. Within this assessment and review, we factor in considerations of budget, student visa requirements, additional costs and financial assistance availability.

We offer a cost comparison analysis of different schools and universities inclusive of all fees, additional and ad-hoc costs. This analysis includes a comparison of the cost of living in each city or town, so that the student and their family can make an economically viable decision.


Application Process

Let us handle the legwork for you!


The application process is pivotal and we offer our substantial expertise in this area to our clients. We assist in:

  • Completing and submitting the relevant application forms

  • College Essay preparation

  • Completing and submitting the UCAS form

  • Preparation of results statements and letters of recommendation

  • Arranging language proficiency and university readiness tests


We monitor the application process and even follow up with the universities. We strive to ensure that students receive the notification of their acceptance with sufficient time to arrange a student visa and to make travel arrangements.

Visa Application And Documents


Processing Applications Flawlessly!


Strategic Placement has a long-standing relationship with a variety of consulates, notably for the United Kingdom, the United States, various European countries and the UAE. Our track record with visa applications is exceptional.

 We have successfully facilitated a large number of visa applications to several countries. As a standard we assist students to complete all visa application requirements.


We verify the accuracy of the application form and supporting documentation and ensure it is submitted in line with the High Commission, Consulate or Embassy's requirements.

Visa and Embassy Interview Counseling

Answer Confidently!

Several countries require the visa applicant to be interviewed by an Immigration Official. As this requirement can be somewhat intimidating.

Statistics show that some students get denied a student visa because of common mistakes and misinformed information on the requirements needed.

We prepare our clients with mock interviews; provide you with all the credentials needed by the embassy. This allows the student to prepare mentally and emotionally and to feel confident to handle any question or situation they may encounter in their interview.



Live Stress-Free!

We assist in reserving both on and off campus accommodation for our clients. We provide reliable information about the availability of apartments and student residence. We also offer homestay.


Sports And Academic Scholarship

Shine Your World!

One of our strongest abilities is to identify if the student qualifies for financial assistance. If you are a viable candidate, we will assist you with the scholarship or bursary application. Sports and academic scholarships are highly competitive and sought after, which necessitates meeting and maintaining a high standard of achievement prior to your application. Participation in educational clubs, social work, charities, service projects and community work will improve the likelihood of winning a scholarship.

If you are an athlete and already have achieved a level of success in any sport, we recommend that you go on the sports recruitment page to learn more about our recruitment strategy to place you in the most appropriate college or university. If you love soccer, you also have bright chances to shine in your career.

Statistics show that a large number of soccer players are international students, setting a benchmark for a new revolution in the sports industry.


Travel Arrangement

Travel Comfortably!

Traveling abroad is not easy, and we understand that. This is the reason we believe in handling all the legwork for you such as Flight Arrangements, Passport Applications, Booking air Tickets, insurance, Mobile Phone Services, Airport pickup, short stay accommodation for yourselves, parents or relatives, and more. We maintain a close relationship with professional travel agencies and airlines to secure the best rates possible for our clients.


Pre-Departure Briefing

Blending in the new environment – effortlessly!

We conduct a pre-departure briefing session with the student and their family to provide them with the additional information when it comes to settling down comfortably and to answer any questions they might have. The briefing covers important facets of life in a foreign country, such as weather, culture, travel options, and a variety of country specific matters, which will allow the student to integrate as smoothly as possible.


Guardianship And Custodian

Unmatched Care!


We offer a remarkable service to be the nominated Guardian or Custodian for students who are:

  •  Below the age of 18 and plan to study in the United Kingdom

  • Below the age of 19 and plan to study in Canada

  • Below the age of 18 and plan to study in the United States

Work Permits

Shape Your Vision!

Here at Strategic Student Placement, we believe in shaping your vision by assisting students in their work and study permit extensions. There are specific rules for international students in terms of getting a job. Strategic Placement will offer expert guidance in creating a resume and applying to various graduate placement or internship programs that best fits the student's degree or qualification.

We will also share our best advice on your optional positioning training (OPT) this is where the U.S government permits you to work for a year after completing your degree provided all the requirements are met. We assist in showing you the best-fit companies to work in and the list of companies that are most likely to hire international students.


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