Canadian Immigration is quite complex, professional input is advisable to navigate the contours or challenges it presents.

Canadian Immigration is governed by complex, dynamic and ever changing rules. Over time, our experience has helped shape our approach towards applications and client representation. We understand that no two cases however similar are the same. To that effect, our modus operandi is to always sit at the drawing board to draw Canadian Immigration pipelines and tailor client’s applications to fit them. We give professional advise regarding the best possible options to suit your budget. We also analyze your immigration priorities to help achieve the desired outcome. Our goal is to make your desires of making Canada your home or domicile a reality.

Our Canadian Immigration Consultants offers immigration services for the following;

  • Work Visa / Permit

  • Study Visa / Permit

  • Super Visa for Parents

  • Visitor/ Temporary Residency Visas (TRV)

  • Extension of Temporary/Permanent Residency Status

  • Live in Caregiver Program (LCP) Applications

  • Family Sponsorship

  • Permanent Immigration to Canada through Express Entry (EE)

  • Provincial Nominee program