Strategic offshore consulting offers workshop and presentations to families, schools, workers, and corporate organizations to help give participants applying a better understanding about the complex and high stakes of the admission and immigration process.

Strategic offers workshops and presentations on

  • Financial planning for college.

  • Understanding college scholarship, merit aid, need based aid, and other financial aid packages.

  • Understanding college entrance examination and their role in admission and scholarship selection.

  • Finding the right fit college for you.

  • Unlocking the secrets of the college admission process.

  • Having the edge in preparing college applications.

  • Writing effective college application essays.

  • Making a successful transition from High School to the university of your choice.

  • Choosing the right degree or majors.

  • Resources for success and knowing your rights specifically for students with learning disabilities.

  • Financial planning for college

  • Understanding college scholarship, merit aid, need based aid and third party scholarship, and their role in financial aid packages.


At the end of the workshop, students will

  1. Have an individualized list with appropriate schools.

  2. A customized selection of degrees and majors.

  3. Student resume.

  4. Two complete and edited college essays.

  5. A personalized report for recommendation letter.

  6. Joint applications, completed and ready to be submitted.